Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Day with Hollywood Stars

Hi guys, sorry for the late update as I was so packed up with tight schedule recently. Okay, so it was my first time to Hollywood after watching so much Hollywood movies since I was a kid. Bear with me, I'ma gonna spam you with lots of photos because I guess photos can speak better than my writing....Tehheee...*being lazy all the time*

Typical star walk at Hollywood streets

I guess we were too early to touch down the city because I noticed most of the shop lots were closed and the street is not as busy as expected. 

See? its closed (at 10am)

A very famous mall in the city

What to do here when come to Hollywood?? Go stalk Hollywood stars? Or be a star here? Live like a star here? lol..Once you touched down the city, you may noticed many wax museum along the street. So which wax museum to choose? Well, Fatty already did the research online and we decided just pay a visit to one of the largest wax museum in the town.

Real Jacky Chan?

After purchased the tickets at the counter, of course we headed into the museum. At 11 am in the summer holiday consider still early for the people here I guess because the crowd is far more less than expected. But not until around 12pm where suddenly so many people crowded in the museum after we finished our tour inside. 

gaga wu lala..bad romance? Yes, Lady Gaga

Fatty, what are you doing there? *pervert* ? lol

Personally obsessed with Kobe Bryant since I was young!

You can see from most of the pictures here that I am so short and my height reached only at their waist or shoulder. Yes, I am super tiny here where most of the Americans and Western tourists thought that I am only in my age 14...fml...To walk in any city in western country with a height of 4 ft. 11 is not easy because your view basically blocking by everyone surrounding you and you may feel hard to breath sometimes when the places are crowded with people..lolol...But don't worry, I never pass out! hahaha..

Like a boss...hmmm...

Too much of wax museum photos, so I can only choose some which I like the most to post here. After wax museum, we walk around the town and of course shopping a little bit in the shopping mall as I mentioned previously. Nothing much to buy, so we touched down to the garden nearby the mall. The view is very beautiful but the sun shine is too strong for me :( Pigmentation of my face even though I've already applied sun block. 

A beautiful fountain garden in this busy city

We then saw a Mexican lady selling Mexican food along the street in the garden. With the strong hot spicy curry smell, Fatty decided to give it a try. It is hard to get a spicy curry food in United State so we can't held our temptation to try it out!

Mexican food with $5

The food is awesome and till now I still miss it sometimes back in Malaysia. With $5 to get such a nice good, is consider very worth it! 

Four of us share 1 plate! 

We didn't spend a very long time in Hollywood because we were going to catch our flight to San Francisco! The weather in San Francisco is so much different from LA and I nearly got sick there! :(

Stay tuned for my coming post!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Big Orange - Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California is the second largest city in population after New York City. Unlike New York City, the weather in Los Angeles is always sunny and warmer. Although it was just the beginning of summer, but I already started to feel the hot sun so I always had a sunglasses on me. 

A typical scenery along the street in Los Angeles

It was me early in the morning taking my breakfast lolol... Still in a blurr state whil eating my hard bun (Don't know why the bun and bread is US tend to be harder). Thanks to Fatty catch my special expression of tam chiak + blurr face.

After finished our breakfast, then we headed to take Metro Rail Station (LRT for Malaysia and Subway for New York City) to the city, The Groove for shopping. Oookaaayy, so this is Fatty's MaMa taking photo for Fatty's Aunty while waiting for the train to come. They both were so excited here because Metro Rail Station is so much cleaner than the Subway system in New York City, most importantly, they have escalator here! Both of them were in culture shock when they first arrived in New York City because the Subway Station is so dark, dirty, smelly and without escalator. So all of us need to carry our 20++ kg of luggage and walked up and down by using stair case! Alright, I totally understood their shock-ness because I experienced the same when I first visited to New York City in year 2011. lol So both of them now cannot missed a chance to take down this "precious" and "touched" moment in the Metro Rail Station to show their children that there is escalator here! :p

One of the line to LA Downtown

Our first station in The Groove was Nordstorm because Fatty's Aunty wanted to buy some beauty products from Kiehl's. After searching around in The Groove, we don't manage to find the store location, till the time she almost give up, deng deng deng deng...Kiehl's just in front of her. So without any hesitation, we all followed her into the store and she took her own sweet time to see the products. It was an expensive products back in Malaysia, however it was so much cheaper in United State since it is the product of US. Talking about cheaper, of course Fatty's Aunty bought as many as possible here la, 2 bags for her own, 2 bags for her daughter, 2 bags for her son and husband (no?hahahaha..)

Kiehl's at The Groove which next to Nordstorm

Being me as always, I got the free sample to try out! The ladies in Kiehl'swas so generous in giving me various kind of cream to try. Too bad, the cream was too oily for me so I gave it for my mom. :p After spending half an hour here, we headed to Nordstorm which next to Kiehl's for shopping.

This shopping mall typically is not my style although I love shopping in Malaysia. Want to know why? I will show you why..

Jimmy Choo's heel

It was almost every girl's dream to get to own a pair of Jimmy Choo's heel but not me. Because the price can cost almost 6 months of my salary! Oh well, even I am rich enough to afford it, I guess I would rather spend the money to help the unfortunate (p/s: just my personal opinion, I am not a person who would go for branded stuff like this). 

Burberry bag in the price of USD!

I know I want to say this is a normal price for a Burberry Bag, but I don't see the need that I need to carry such an expensive bag on my shoulder. Was once my student said " Instead of buying myself a Louis Vuitton, I would give myself another LV-Long Vacation". Indeed this is so true for me! Well, different people have different perspective of thinking, for me the branded bag only can upgrade your status, but not your knowledge and thinking, while a vacation let you see and explore a lot in this world.  

After accompanied Fatty's Aunty for shopping, we then went to The Cheesecake Factory!!! My all time favorite!!! Tehhheeee..

Us at a fountain before going in The Cheesecake Factory

You can't see any nice fountain here because the water "dance" too fast and by the time the cameraman snap the shot, the water already disappeared fml =.=

The outlook of Cheesecake Factory

The reception of the restaurant :)

Salivated! Various kind of cheesecake...slurrrppp

Cheese Vegetable Salad as our appetizer

American Cheesecake! Yummy to the max and the price definitely worth it!

We ended our day in LA by going around in Farmer's Market which is a very famous place in LA. They sell various kind of vegetables, fruits, seafood, solid foods, you name it! They sell everything here that you expect to find in a normal market, in fact their fruits and vegetables are so fresh and juicy!

Farmer's Market. The building next to it is World Market

Part of the view in Farmer's Market

My post gonna end with this old man who I adored. Although he is old but he can play a very nice song and sing very well. In fact, we should non-stop learning throughout our life. *Thumbs up to this talented old man, he is very friendly and kind*

 Till then, take care dudes!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Second Disneyland in my life - Disneyland California!

Oookay! It was my first time to step into the west coast of United State after 2 times traveled in the east coast. A little incident which I would like to share here because until now the memory still fresh even though it was already a year back! 

We need to catch our flight right after Fatty's commencement ceremony which ended around 10.30am. Suppose our flight is at 12.25pm and the distance from the college to the airport is only 15 minutes. But but but!!! Due to the congested traffic in the town and since it was a commencement day, all taxis were out of service! We could only get a taxi after 2-3 hours, by then my flight already departed! So how? I was so nervous and panic over there while Fatty still can enjoy taking photo with his beloved friends, that time I was a bit pissed but can't blame him because it was one of the best day in his life! Finally Fatty's roommate able to give us a ride, but I was still under a very high pressure because the clock is ticking relative fast to 11.15am and we still need to go back to our apartment to get our luggage. By the time we reached car park, Fatty's roommate wasn't able to find his car, he forgot where he parked it!! *so holy nervous* We walked from the 1st row to the last row and from last row back to the 1st row, we still not able to find it because the car park is very big and we were under big hot sun. After half an hour, finally we saw the car and quickly we hopped into the car and drove back to apartment. Again but but but....the traffic was so congested that all the cars can't even move! Grrghhh! To cut it short, after we got our luggage and by the time we reached airport, it was already 12.30pm! I thought I must already missed the flight and my 3 weeks west coast holiday gonna say BYE to me. We held our luggage to the check in counter and guess what, we are so LUCKY!!! The flight delayed to 1.30pm! *ahhhhhhh* I can't believe that I am so lucky because usually only suey things ( bad things in hokkien dialect)  will happen on me.

Really thanks to Fatty's roommate for being so kind to give us a ride. Because of this, he need to leave earlier and can't take photo with his friends. *guilty :( *

After 7 hours, finally we arrived in Anaheim. After we claimed our luggage, we went to take the Disneyland shuttle bus to our hotel - Disneyland Hotel. I was so excited because it was my first time to stay in Disneyland Hotel and it is a five starts hotel! My mood of the day just like playing roller coaster, to the peaks and a U-turn and downs and to the peaks again. *nearly heart attack*

Lobby of Disneyland Hotel

Tadaaa...our room! SO DAMN NICE ISN'T?

After a night a rest, the next day we woke up super early for breakfast. The bed is so comfortable that I think I can just cuddle the pillow and sleep for whole day. Be ready, I am going to flood you with many photos now. There are too many nice shots in Disneyland, I just picked some which I think is nice to share here. 

Everything in Disneyland mainly about my favourite character - Mickey and Minnie even my breakfast also about Mickey!

Quite yummy cookies, so reluctant to eat it >.<

Mickey Mouse Vanilla Ice Cream in the summer! *yummy*

We took this outside the entrance of our hotel, both the mickey and minnie were nicely shaped! 

Dream comes true again! *teary eyes*

It was my 21st birthday wish that I hoped I can visit to all 5 Disneyland in the world, and this was the second one! I know all Disneyland are almost the same, but this was my dream since I was still a kid, and you won't understand how much it meant to me. Thankiuuuu Fatty!! Big kiss to you *muacksssss*

Disneyland California!

Since it was summer holiday, we didn't get to take as many rides as we like because the queue is crazy long and the hot sun is insane! I feel so hot and dry in this weather. Since Fatty's Mama and Fatty's Aunty can't take some rides due to health issues, so basically we just walked around and enjoy this cheerful environment. 

You must be wondering why Fatty's Mama and Fatty's Aunty wore scarf and sweater in this hot summer right? Well, the weather in United State very different from Malaysia, the sky blue without clouds most of the time. So the sun is directly shine on your skin and you could get sun burn in just a short while. Plus, it was still late spring, so the weather is still quite cold early in the morning. 

Fatty Mama and Fatty Aunty so happy!! lol

With my favourite! * ahhhhhhhh*

I can say that I am super duper lucky for that month. Not only I didn't miss my flight, I don't even need to queue under hot sun to take photo with my favourite character! I was busy taking nice flower photos on the ground and suddenly, somebody pat my shoulder without any sound, at first I thought it was Fatty because he tends to scare me from no where, but when I turned, I can't help myself to scream and hug the minnie! Okay minnie, although I hug you sleep every night, but the feeling is so different to hug a minnie that can walk! HAHAHAHA. Everybody who queue behind me so jelly on me because they need to queue for minnie while minnie find me herself. (may be she was trying to chase me away since I was standing at her feng shui place to take photos, but who cares?!As long as I am happy! Tehheee)

Us in front of Merry Go Round

The cute earrings that Fatty bought me in one of the souvenir shop

Outside the Small Small World

Suppose I wanted to take the Small Small World ride since I didn't get to ride in Disney World Florida, but I guess I just don't have fate with this ride because the queue again is so crazy long under the hot sun and the time shown from the check point was 2 hours! At the end, I can only take photos in front of this cute building :(
Oh ya, and I love the music from Small Small World, I don't know what is the name for the music, but you will know if you go to any Disneyland in the world because all of them are the same. 

Firework at night

Forgive my noob fireworks photo because I don't own any DSLR camera like you guys! I just have an ordinary digital camera that is good enough for me to capture down every beautiful moments in my life :)

A dream is a wish your heart makes - quoted Disneyland California. Yes, it is also my blog title because I found it explained well what I think all this while. Always have faith and think positive because you won't know when is the best moment will come to you!

After 2 nights in Disneyland, we headed to The Groove at Los Angeles. Stay tuned for my post!

Till then, take care dudes!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fatty's commencement 2012

After a short vacation to New York City, we took Megabus to State College! Awwwww...I miss State College the most since my last visit in year 2011. I miss the quiet small town, the breeze, beautiful flowers, greenish grasses, nice architecture of house, and relax lifestyle. Let me bring you back to the place that I love the most again!

My dream house

The green and clean grass that I love the most!

It was spring, the flowers blossom everywhere!

Crystal clear pond in Pennsylvania State University

The day before the commencement, both me and Fatty revisiting the past - Saint's Cafe in downtown, a small cafe that we both adore the most. 

The man ordering my favourite :)

I really enjoy the coffee and cheesecake there. Each sip of the hot coffee in the cold weather touched my heart. I was deeply touched and indeed I am blessed all these while as I still have chance to revisit places that I yearned the most. 

With Fatty's Mama. Aaawww I love the tulips!

After slacking around the small town, we back to Fatty's apartment to bath and dress up for the evening honors degree commencement. 

I love my Barbie's hair aka short hair with bangs. 

After we had done, we then went to Pennsylvania State University for Fatty's commencement. 

Entrance of the university

At first we thought we were early, but half way walking, Fatty's besties non-stop calling him as most graduates already entered the hall. We then rushed to the hall and find a seat while Fatty quickly wore up his graduation gown and report himself at the reception. 

Fatty, where are you??

Congratz to you nahh!! 

Fatty is one of the honors graduates with highest distinction! :O Why you so smart?

After the ceremony, of course is photo session time. Basically I was camera-lady that day, busy helping him take down as much nice photo as possible to remember the most precious moment in his life. Congratz to you again Fatty, I am so proud of you! You are wayyyyyy of too smart until I wondered what are the things that filled in your brain. Can you share with me your wisdom? Teeheeee....

The medal on Fatty's neck is the medal for honors graduate. In US, all university offer comes with an ordinary degree without honors. If you wish to get the honors degree, you have to register yourself to a supervisor during freshmen or sophomore year and start to do your research project. Mind you, I didn't know the IMPORTANCE of the word HONORS until I came across with my graduate studies. Normally, university will only accept students that have Honors degree (at least a year of research and write up thesis), Malaysian students, you are lucky because all our degree in university comes together with honors degree. 

L-R: Fatty Aunty, Fatty Mama, Fatty, Shorty

Fatty Papa wasn't able to go US with us as he still need to run his business. Anyway, Fatty you know your Papa loves you and proud of you! 

Fatty besties who also honors graduates

After about half an hour, Fatty's research supervisor, Prof. Maria and her husband came to school and drive us to her house for celebration. So friendly and nice huh... She even prepared many delicious food for us including traditional Russian food, pizza, cake, and she also made some efforts to cook Malaysia curry! *so touch!!* 

Maria's house along Waupelani Drive (p/s: she prefers us not to call her Prof.)

Her house is very huge and beautiful, very typical nice house that we watched from movie. While Fatty talking to Maria at a side, Fatty Mama and Fatty Aunty non stop taking photos there as they too amazed with the huge house!lol


Traditional Russian Pizza

Yummy curry chicken with nasi kunyit

Cake as dessert :)

It was a blessed that I can visit to US especially State College for 2 consecutive years. State College (it is a town name, not a college name =.=) indeed the best place to stay, I hope I still have chance to come back to this awesome place someday in future again! 

Gonna end this post by spamming you guys a few more photos in State College! :)

Sakura? Not really, I also don't know what is the flower name. 

Flowers in the university

White and Pink tulips! 

Flowers blossom in spring, I hope spring bring a new hope to everyone of you!

Stay tuned for my next post in California!